Idaho Standard Achievement Tests – ISATs

Idaho Standard Achievement Tests – ISATs
Posted on 03/22/2024
Students taking a test

Each spring semester, students in grades 3 through 8 begin an annual academic adventure—the Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISATs). These assessments serve as a compass, guiding educators, parents, and policymakers toward educational excellence.

What Are the ISATs?

The ISATs are required by the Idaho State Department of Education as a tool used for measuring student achievement. Students in grades 3 - 8 will be assessed in the following three key subjects:

  1. English Language Arts/Literacy: Reading comprehension, writing skills, and language usage.
  2. Mathematics: Problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, and application.
  3. Science: A closer look at the natural world (administered to students in grades 5 and 8).  The science ISAT explores Earth, life, and physical sciences.

We have been preparing at school each day to give students the tools they need to be successful on the ISATs.  Let’s work together and make your child’s experience a positive and successful one!  

Here are some suggestions you can do to help on their testing day:

  • Ensure your child arrives at school on time.
  • Have your child eat a healthy breakfast at home or at school.
  • Ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep.
  • Gently encourage them to do their best.